Cash-Flow Guide and PPT Template
Originally published: 23/06/2017 14:31
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Cash-Flow Guide and PPT Template

Your Free Guide to Becoming a Cash-flow Guru

This template offers a great collection of tips, cohesive editable templates, and guides for your personal success. This model is best used to measure your current standing in respect to cash flow, as well as insight that can be used to aid you in achieving your future financial goals.

This model also includes possible challenges with respect to cash flow analysis, as well as tips to avoiding growth of debt.

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Further information

Providing users with the necessary information to guide them through their own cash flow cycles, as well as giving insight to the various challenges which will likely arise in the process.

To understand the following:

-What is Cashflow?

-The Cashflow Cycle

-4 Ways to Shorten the Cashflow Cycle

-Cashflow Summary Factors

-Your Cashflow Summary Factors Template

-The Top 5 Most Common Cashflow Challenges

-5 Tips to Maintain a Positive Cashflow

-Cashflow Priorities

-Retrieving Owed Funds

-Top 10 Techniques to Retrieve Owed Funds

-Making Direct Contact with Your Customer Ex 1

-Making Direct Contact with Your Customer Ex 2

-Ways to Avoid Bad Debt Occurring

-Planning and Monitoring Your Cashflow

-6 Ways to Keep Your Business on Track

-The Importance of Cashflow and Budget Forecasts

-5 Elements to Create Accurate Budget Forecasts

-Your Cashflow Forecast Template

-Key Benefits of a Cash-flow Forecast and Budget

-What is the Cash Gap

-Identifying the Cash Gap

-5 Key Ways to Close the Cash Gap

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