A Simple Capitalization Table Template
Originally published: 21/04/2017 14:51
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A Simple Capitalization Table Template

A quick example to get the hang of cap tables.

Below you will find a simple cap table.

Given that things can get complex after factoring in various terms additionally to number of funding rounds- it is good to understand the basics then start of with a simple example.

You can test out your knowledge using it. Firstly, see if you can calculate the price-per-share with the inputs bellow:

The start up, Los Certs, is raising their first round of capital. They have signed on to a pre-money valuation of $3M and raised a total of $1M. Hence, the post-money valuation is worth $4M and they are selling 25% of the company. Lastly, the outstanding founder stock, before investment, was worth of 6M shares. Given that, how many shares are being sold, and at what price?

Feel free to test this out with the cap table below.

- Nick Moren

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