Startup Day-Night School Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 12/04/2018 09:32
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Startup Day-Night School Financial Excel Model

(Free for the first 5 downloads). Financial Model of a Startup Day-Night School

This Excel File is a full financial model for a Startup Day-Night School in the United States of America.

If you are wondering how profitable such a project can be, this model is built for you!

This School Excel Financial model includes the following 8 tabs:

1. Index
2. Startup Expenses: (Startup Expense, Startup Assets, Funding)
3. Assumptions: (Day School, Night School, Summer Camp, Direct Expenses, Indirect Expenses)
4. Monthly Profit and Loss: (OUTPUTS: EBIDTA, NPAT, Net Margin %
5. Summarized Yearly Reports (Income Statement Summary, Balance Sheet Summary, Cash Flow Summary, Ratios)
6. Monthly Balance Sheet: (Tangible Assets, Current Assets, Preoperative Expenses, Current Liabilities, Loan, Equity, Total Equity)
7. Monthly Cash Flow (Cash from - Operating Activities, Investing Activities, Financing Activities, Cash and Cash Equivalents)
8. Loan Schedule (Month, Beginning Balance, Actual Payment, Interest, Principal, Ending Balance)

Good luck!

If you have questions feel free to Private Message me here:

- Yash M

1. 11 months run in Day School and Night School
2. 1 month Summer Camp
3. Start up expense amortise in 3 years.
4. Expenses of teachers in night school is assumed to be $210 per student for Year 2 and $225 for Year 3
5. Depreciation @ 10% on WDV of each year

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