Investment Pitch Deck for Social Media Management company
Originally published: 08/10/2019 12:34
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Investment Pitch Deck for Social Media Management company

This is a template Pitch Deck giving an overview of a business and its financials.

This best practice is a template Investment pitch deck for the purpose of raising capital or selling a business. In this specific case the pitch has been built for a Social Media Management company but the structure can easily be replicated for any type of business. Please note that even though it was based on a real project that I have done, all numbers and names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.
This template follows a very classic structure, first giving the reader an overview of the business for sale, of its customer base, of the market it operates on and its revenue by category.
Then it moves on to describe what is included in the sale, introduces the founders and the team, and present the growth opportunity for a strategic buyer.
After that, it moves on to the Financials where we first present an overview of the P&L of the business, show high level movements of revenue and EBITDA along with an EBITDA bridge, do a run rate analysis on YTD numbers, show a sensitivity analysis to show the potential of leveraging the business's cost base. We then present the net debt position of the company, its current capital structure and offer some comparable transaction for potential buyers to look at.
We finish the presentation with the appendix where we show a reconciliation between reported and adjusted financials (if applicable), some of the creations of the business and a more detailed pricing list for the business services.
Along with the powerpoint template I have also attached an excel spreadsheet where all the charts in the ppt are generated.

I think this template would give a good overview of a Target for potential buyers but it will not give an exhaustive view of the company. For example, a more advanced version would include Monthly NWC analysis, Development Strategy, SWOT analysis, Competitors analysis etc. However I find that this template is a good trade-off between giving a decent overview of the business not giving too much information to competitors.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

Offer an Pitch Deck template to present an acquisition opportunity or to be used for capital raise

If I believe that this Pitch Deck contains the essential information a buyer would need in a IM to form a first opinion on whether or not to continue the discussion I would say that this template is rather suitable for small cap companies which are not over complex and will not require a 100 page IM.

If you intend to create an IM with exhaustive information about the company. I think this template would give a good overview of a Target but pieces of information will still be missing (for example Monthly NWC analysis, Development Strategy, SWOT analysis, Competitors analysis etc)



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