Investment Thesis - Powerpoint Template
Originally published: 26/06/2019 15:58
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Investment Thesis - Powerpoint Template

Powerpoint template guiding the user to create an investment strategy presentation

This easy-to-use powerpoint template outlines the key contents that can form the outline of your investment thesis. The slides illustrate topics and headings as well as a guide in how to best present the information of the investment.

This tool allows you to personalise the look and feel of the presentation while creating structure around content such as:

Industry Analysis
Company Overview
Drivers for Investment
Valuation Justification

The Investment Thesis template will help optimise the content for your presentation and help you deliver a clear and concise message by guiding the content and key information for your target audience. The template is a professional guide and covers key information, methods and ideas to maximise the effectiveness of your presentation and ensure that key messages are presented professionally and effectively.

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