Shareholder's Equity Model - Excel Template
Originally published: 21/06/2019 15:54
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Shareholder's Equity Model - Excel Template

This is Wall Street Oasis' Shareholder’s equity template for calculating net worth

This excel model is WSO’s free Shareholder’s Equity template. The model allows you to create your own sheet for the shareholder's equity section of a financial model so as to measure a company’s net worth. This plug-and-play model lets you put in your own data & formulae to auto-populate output numbers. Other tabs for other elements of a financial model are also included in this template.

Shareholder’s equity measures a firm’s net worth and can be found on a company’s balance sheet. It gives the company owners’ residual claim after all creditors and debts have been paid. Analysts will use shareholder equity, along with other indicators, to evaluate the financial health of a business. Shareholder equity is also an important financial metric in determining the return being generated versus the total amount being invested by equity investors.

Shareholder’s equity can also represent the net or book value of a company. It is the difference between total assets and total liabilities, making the formula for Shareholder Equity…

[ Shareholders’ equity = total assets – total liabilities. ]

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