Options Trading Excel Model (With Fundamentals)
Originally published: 26/11/2018 10:37
Last version published: 28/06/2022 10:58
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Options Trading Excel Model (With Fundamentals)

Options Strategy Excel Model With Greeks and valuations (Black Scholes and Binomial Tree)

This is a 15 tab VBA enabled excel model comprised of 10 Derivatives strategy commonly used by the option trader. These strategies are:1) Covered Calls2) Protective Puts3) Bullish Spread4) Bearish Spreads5) Butterfly Spreads6) Box Spreads7) Straddle8) Strangle9) Collar10)Strips StrapsHow to use the model:On the "Intro" tab, use the GO arrow. It will take you the "Input" page where you have to put the INPUTS in the blue cells. There will be 4 inputs which you need to fill:1) Market View2) Risk Appetite3) Player4) Extremes 5) Ticker Name (Security Symbol) 6) Current Market Price of SecurityTo access option chain data of current month just click get data after entered the security symbol. It is automated for INDIA.After inputting all this data, there will be an automatic presentation of all the strategies that seems to match your criteria. Then, after taking note of these strategies just click the "START" button. It will re-direct you to the "home page" where you have to select the strategy (which you have recollect from second tab i,e. Input Sheet.)Then, on every strategy page there are inputs which are shown in blue. You just have to input the values in them and it will help you better understand money management.Special feature which i have added in this VBA enabled Work-book it is automated for NIFTY India.However it can be used for other countries also only one thing is changed that is it will not automatic download option chain data.I have also added the valuation sheet where i have used Binomial Tree and Black Schole Model for Option valuation. Which will help you to decide wether option is under or over valued.And at the last I Have made a option strategy sheet where you can try and formulate your own strategy except the above mentioned and calculate your pay off accordingly.

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