Book Publishing - Investment Excel Calculator
Originally published: 29/04/2019 10:39
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Book Publishing - Investment Excel Calculator

This is an ROI Excel calculator to help plan the financials of your book publishing house.

This is an Excel Investment Calculator to help create a three-year plan for renting a publishing house and taking up to 10 new issues for publishing. It calculates the Return on Investment (ROI) with the given assumptions and planned sales volume.

Available to download and use instantly, this ROI calculator is designed to incorporate the most important functionalities for a publishing house, while including instructions for easy use.

Within this Excel spreadsheet are the following worksheets:

- Assumptions: This section allows data input for the publishing house’s main assumptions, including area of operational premises, rent, public utilities, employment taxes and benefits, and annual sales growth.

- Employees: Salary calculation for employees

- Scenarios: This calculates 4 different scenarios for the book publications: Minimum, Average, Maximum, and Break-even.

- NPV Plan: This is where the Present Value (PV), the Net Present Value (NPV), and the Return on Investment (ROI) are calculated.

- NPV Chart: A Chart showing the projected development over a period of time.

- Solver

If you have any questions, or need clarification on any aspects of the download, don’t hesitate to start a discussion below or private message via my Eloquens author channel.

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