Cash Flow Statement Template in Excel
Originally published: 06/02/2018 16:12
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Cash Flow Statement Template in Excel

Cash Flow Statement Template in Excel containing a suggested list of profit and expenses items your business may have.

As noted in the short description, in this cash flow statement you will find a suggested list of expenses and profit items you may find within a typical business. All of these items can be modified by adding or removing rows and inputting your own items.To start, input the financial year at the top and in the first column enter your opening balance figure.

You should note that this particular statement assumes all figures are GST inclusive.


After you've entered your figures, the sheet automatically calculates your net profit and totals at the bottom. If you're removing or adding rows, you should double-check your numbers to make sure the calculations have been maintained.


Gross profit ÷ net sales = sales - cost of goods sold -any other expenses related to the production of a good or service.

Net profit = Gross profit ÷ net sales - Total expenses.

This cash flow statement is intended to be solely a guide and does not constitute as financial advice. You shold discuss and verify your financial statements with a financial advisor, qualified accountant, or a solicitor.

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