Relative Valuation and Peer Comparison (Dabur. Godrej Consumer, Emami, Bajaj Consumer, Jyothy Labs)
Originally published: 05/10/2020 04:26
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Relative Valuation and Peer Comparison (Dabur. Godrej Consumer, Emami, Bajaj Consumer, Jyothy Labs)

Excel Dashboard for Relative Valuation of Dabur. Godrej Consumer, Emami, Bajaj Consumer, Jyothy Labs

The company is evaluated considering a group of 5 peer companies according to the market classifications. The company's shares relative valuation and peer comparison is done using our 5-10-5 -star rating methodology (5 companies, 10 parameters, Out of 5 stars). From this, we will arrive at a combined peer rating for the company. Companies considered in this analysis are as follows.

Dabur India
Godrej Consumer
Bajaj Consumer
Jyothy Labs

Parameters on which analysis is done are as follows
Market Capitalization
Price/ Earnings Ratio
Price/ Book Value Ratio
Dividend Yield
Price to Sales
Price/ Cashflow
Earnings Per Share

The overall rating is arrived by taking the average of the above 10 parameter ratings and rounded up if it is above 0.5 and rounded down if it is below 0.5. The stock is undervalued if the rating is above 3 (i.e 4 or 5 stars), it is fairly valued if the rating is around 3 and is overvalued if the rating is below 3 (i.e 2 or 1 star). The ratings are exclusive to each company so more than 2 companies can have the same ratings within the peer group.

(Note: All the research done by me is only for educational purposes and should not be seen as Investment recommendations. I am a Research analyst and not a SEBI registered Investment Advisor. My research completely reflects my personal opinions and not of my employers. Kindly do your own due diligence before Investing)

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