The Agile Method: An Introduction for beginners
Originally published: 28/04/2020 08:37
Publication number: ELQ-36284-1
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The Agile Method: An Introduction for beginners

The Agile Method: combines multiple project management approaches with two aims flexibility and client satisfaction.

In this Best Practice we have an introduction for beginners to the Agile method. The Agile method combines multiple project management approaches with two main common aspects: flexibility and the prioritisation of client satisfaction. The agile method allows for companies to focus on teamwork and communication between the team and key clients. It's a flexible, adaptive and reactive approach which provides quick and high quality results that take into account what your clients need.

It includes an explanation into the history behind the Agile method followed by the 4 main values and 12 fundamental principles of the method. The Best Practice provides you with a user guide to implementing the Agile method into a potential projects found in the section titled 'How does it work?'. There is also a strong emphasis on how client satisfaction must remain as a team's top priority through the implementation of the Agile method. The Author then goes on to define the method's 5 advantages (including flexibility and client communication) and 4 disadvantages (including lack of documentation and client's availability).After reading this detailed Best Practice introducing the Agile Method, you will be ready to start using the Agile method for all your future team projects.

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