Microsoft Excel Add-In to extract and clearly show in one place all comments in a workbook
Originally published: 14/12/2020 14:40
Publication number: ELQ-36014-1
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Microsoft Excel Add-In to extract and clearly show in one place all comments in a workbook

A simple, useful tool that looks through an open spreadsheet and lists all cell comments with their location and value.

This simple tool addresses the problem of cell comments being added to a spreadsheet but then being lost in the 'noise'. This can be a real problem with large financial models and other complex spreadsheets that have multiple users.

To run the tool, you simply click the keyboard shortcut 'Control - Alt - z' and it examines the currently active workbook and creates the report in a new workbook.

For each comment you will see:
- The text of the comment.
- The value in the corresponding cell.
- The worksheet and address of the cell.
- Whether the cell contains a constant value or a formula.
- The formatting of the cell (font colour, background colour, bold, italic).
- An indicator for whether the cell contains an error.

The tool is ready to be installed as an Excel Add-In - just copy the '.xlam' version of the file to your Excel Add-In folder and enable it in the Add-In Manager.

Also provided is the non-Add-In (.xlsm) version of the file, which makes it easy for you to review and modify the VBA code. In particular, you can change the keyboard shortcut if 'Control - Alt - z' is not suitable. But it can also act as a clear template for further development of bespoke Add-ins.

This Best Practice includes
1 Microsoft Excel workbook with the functionality. The corresponding Excel Add-In ready for install.

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Further information

Provides a ready-to-use tool for use with complex spreadsheets. It can also act as a template for further development.

This tool is best for users of larger spreadsheets where comments are routinely added but can sometimes be 'lost'.


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