Originally published: 07/04/2020 09:18
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Financial Modelling, Financial Planning and DCF Valuation

How to create a startup or existing company financial model from scratch and carry out the DCF Valuation

This is a fully hands-on course that will take you from a blank Excel file to creating a robust, dynamic and fully automated financial model that can be used for a startup or an existing company.

It covers the following sections:

Financial Model template creation and Excel tips

Fleshing out a dedicated Model Input sheet to aggregate all the client's plans

Creating scenarios -- Optimistic, Conservative, Pessimistic -- that will flow dynamically into the entire financial statements forecast

Creating the Revenue Schedule

Creating the Cost of Sales Schedule

Creating the Working Capital Schedule

Creating the Depreciation Schedule

Creating the Debt Schedule

Creating the Equity Schedule

Creating the Tax Schedule

Creating the Income Statement dynamically

Creating the Balance Sheet dynamically

Creating the Cashflow Sheet dynamically

Carrying out the DCF Valuation

Computing the Financial Ratios

At the end of the training, you would be able to model for a startup or an existing company and have a structure around requesting for all the data/plans you need to create the financial model and DCF valuation. In addition, you would also be able to easily use the body of knowledge for the AFM certification exam and create the required financial model for the exam.

Best of luck!

Michael Olafusi, AFM

This Best Practice includes
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