IB & PE Standards Comparable Companies Analysis
Originally published: 14/02/2022 16:14
Publication number: ELQ-32343-1
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IB & PE Standards Comparable Companies Analysis

Comparable Companies Analysis Excel Template- IB & PE Standards

Provides users with a complete, easy-to-use, easy-to-update, printable and shareable comparable companies analysis. This file uses the example of the funeral services industry and may be adapted to any industrial, manufacturing and consumer company. This template leverages first hand experience in investment banking and private equity deal making.

The case of the funeral service industry was used to present users with a tangible example of financial metrics computation, merger and acquisition impact on financial ratios as well as recent debt and equity financings. Users may add additional ratios pertaining to the specific industry being analyzed.

- Cover page: Legend, architecture and introduction
- Dashboard: Comparable companies summary, Currency adjustment and graphical outputs
- Template: Ready to use blank template for financial metrics computation
- Carriage Services: Applied financial metrics computation
- Park Lawn: Applied metrics computation
- Service Corporation: Applied financial metrics computation
- Dignity: Applied financial metrics computation
- Invocare: Applied financial metrics computation

The template is based on a logical structure aimed for simplicity and easily shareable with third parties.

If you require any modifications to the tool, I will be happy to assist with this. Please send me a message through the Eloquens site. I will regularly post updates as necessary.

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