Tarot Reading with Excel (Fun ways to play with VBA macros)
Originally published: 28/12/2021 20:30
Publication number: ELQ-13743-1
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Tarot Reading with Excel (Fun ways to play with VBA macros)

21 cards tarot reading with Excel - fun way to experiment with VBA macros

This Excel file contains the 22 cards of the "Tarot de Marseille".
Using the worksheet labeled "Welcome", the user can click on a button and a card will be displayed randomly from the 22 major cards of Tarot de Marseille with the illustration and the text and interpretation.
All is done with a help of a number of macros.
The file also contains a User Defined Function to say out loud the card that is pick up by the user.

🔮The file contains 22 worksheets each representing one of the major cards in the "Tarot de Marseilles" cards.
🔮A list of sheets is populated using a table of content macro
🔮Using =RANDBETWEEN() formula in Excel, a random sheet name is selected.
🔮with a help of a user defined function, the name of the selected worksheet in the cell is converted to speech.
🔮all other non-selected worksheets are hidden using another macro.

All the above steps enables you to do tarot card reading using Excel.

✔️ Tarot cards (Both Texts and illustrations) are from:

✔️Text to speech is inspired by video tutorial by InAnOffice:

✔️ Table of content macro code is from Microsoft community:

✔️ Unhide sheets based on a cell value:

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