Inventory and Stock Management Tool in Excel
Originally published: 01/03/2018 15:06
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Inventory and Stock Management Tool in Excel

An inventory and stock management excel tool to help you manage your inventory items with ease.

This Inventory and Stock Management tool in Excel is a great solution for any small businesses who manage anything from raw materials to finished products, or even anything in between. In this Excel spreadsheet you will find 3 tabs:

1) Daily Stocktake: here you can record your daily movement of stock that goes in and out of your business. Incoming stock can be the purchase of goods or raw materials. It can also be the finished product that is ready to be sold. Outgoing stock can be the sale of a finished product to a client, or the use of raw materials.

2) Stock Inventory: here you need to enter a figure for the initial amount of stock you have for the time period in question. The embedded formulas will do the calculations for you.

3) Stock Database: here you need to enter all information about your stock, including a short description about each stock item, and a reference code.


> Some example data has been filled in to this template so that you get an idea of where everything goes. Delete these figures before starting.
> In the 'stock database' tab, add all of your stock items. Give each one a unique reference code or else the formulas won't work. Also try to not delete items as this can affect calculations.
> Then, go to the 'stock inventory' tab and add the initial amounts of stock. The items you added in the 'stock database' tab should be automatically showing in this tab.
> Go to the 'daily stocktake' tab and record the daily movements of stock in and out of the business. Use the dropdown menu to choose the right item of stock.

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