Valuation - 120 Slides Complete Guideline, 5 valuation methods, examples and tips
Originally published: 13/01/2020 21:32
Publication number: ELQ-95034-1
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Valuation - 120 Slides Complete Guideline, 5 valuation methods, examples and tips

The most comprehensive guideline on business valuation, +120 Slides, 5 methods, step by step illustrations and examples

This material is the most comprehensive guideline on DCF Company valuation combining 15 years investment banking experience and based on JP Morgan methodology. Full of insider knowledge, tips and ticks, the presentation goes through the 5 most used methods for business valuations:

- Discount Cash Flow Process, giving guidance on how to make DCF valuation, select wacc, make adjustments and estimate terminal value;
- Understanding on Publicly traded Comparables analysis and select key industry metrics
- Comparable transactions valuation and how to choose the right multiples
- Leverage buyout analysis, uses and sources of capital
- Other valuation methods (Liquidation analysis, IPO Valuation, EPS impact, Dividend discount model)
- Synergies and other transaction considerations

Merger consequences on Company Valuation including dilution analysis measuring the impact of the merger transaction.

The documents gives deep information and at least one step by step example for each of the featured valuation methods as well as how to avoid typical errors.

Whether you will:
- acquire a Company and want to know how much to pay,
- divest and want to know at what price to sell,
-make or receive a public equity or debt offering
-start a new business venture or
- have to advise a client on the above

It is the perfect solution to obtain understanding and estimate of the company value.

100% Moneyback Guarantee if you find a more detailed and useful guidance on business valuations for this price.

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF Presentation, 120 Slides

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Further information

- Provide a comprehensive guidance on Company Valuation
- Review the key valuation methodologies and techniques
- Review merger consequences / pro-forma analysis
- Provide examples and illustrations to enhance valuation related intuition and highlight common mistakes

Advisors and companies who need information on business valuation

Not an excel model


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