Fees calculation model (FCM)

Calculate Fees for Projects by Selecting Economic Indicators in Microsoft Excel

Investors, policymakers and executives as active elements of investment projects, need to be aware of its financial prospects in order to enter a project. In some projects, it is necessary to determine fees based on some of the economic indicators in line with investor expectations.

FCM with a comprehensive study of the specialties on investment projects, especially downstream oil and gas is very simple to use, and in addition to calculating fees, it is possible to provide results and outputs in tables for decision making.

As an FCM developer over the years investing in and following many projects, I have co-authored and published this model with the help of my colleagues to guide active investment managers in downstream oil and gas projects.

FCM while being comprehensive for target market projects, easy access to information and comprehensive reports, it makes it extremely easy to calculate fees.

Mr. Roohollah Moghadasi Rostami
Oil and Gas Investment Adviser
LinkedIn: roohollah-rostami-964ab8178/

Co-worker: Mohamad Memarbashi
LinkedIn: mohammad-memarbashi

The main feature of the model
In FCM Fees are based on assumptions and are calculated by holding one of the IRR, IRRE, NPV, NPVE indices. That is, the user determines his desired output and fees are calculated accordingly. Other features of this model are the choice of construction period of up to 72 months and operation up to 30 years; It is also possible to define an increase in the amount of Fees in different states and circumstances.

• General project information

Starting time
Construction period
Usage period

• Assumptions

Discount rate
Cost calculation type
Funding and its criteria
Depreciation Period
Fixed index (IRR / IRRE / NPV / NPVE)

• Costs
Investment (up to ten headings)
Operation (up to ten headings)

Reports and conclusion

Project Overview
Fee cost
Economic Indicators
Return period

Fees are based on assumptions and are calculated by holding one of the IRR, IRRE, NPV, NPVE indices.

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Further information

The Fee calculated is determined by investors' expectations of some economic indicators

Knowledge of cost and benefit models

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