Strategy Framework Canvas (SFC)
Originally published: 26/02/2020 11:32
Publication number: ELQ-39000-1
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Strategy Framework Canvas (SFC)

The Strategy Framework Canvas is a unifying framework that guides us in selecting the appropriate strategy framework.

The Strategy Framework Canvas is a methodology to help navigate through the sea of existing strategy frameworks. Since the 1950s, corporate strategy thinking has been evolving—new strategy frameworks are introduced each year. Today, there are literally 100s of strategy frameworks that have been developed by strategists, academics, and consulting firms.

The Strategy Framework Canvas is a unifying choice framework that guides us in selecting the appropriate strategy for the circumstances at hand and execute it effectively. It identifies 5 distinct approaches to strategy:

1. Classic - The Classic approach is the most common approach—here, the market is predictable, basis of competition is stable, and strategy is sustainable

2. Adaptive - We use the Adaptive approach when the environment is neither predictable nor malleable—there is continuous disruption in the market

3. Visionary - We take the Visionary approach when we can reliably create or re-create an environment largely by ourselves

4. Leader - The Leader Approach is used when the environment is unpredictable, but malleable—we can shape or re-shape the whole industry

5. Renewal - Renewal approach is used when the environment is harsh—the strategy aims to restore the vitality and competitiveness of the organization

Each approach is driven by a unique business environment, characterized by 3 dimensions: Predictability, Malleability, and Harshness.

The Strategy Framework Canvas helps us determine which approach, or combination of approaches, is most appropriate for various facets of our organization--i.e., for different business units, geographies, and stage of our organization's lifecycle. This model is particularly useful for large organizations that are now stretched across a more diverse and faster-changing range of business situations.

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