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Financial modeling for Renewable Energy : Solar / Wind acquisition deal model

Learn how build a financial model for solar and wind plants, and help seal renewable energy deals worldwide!

Want to work on RENEWABLE ENERGY deals in WIND and SOLAR power? Want to be part of the global shift to renewable energy? Want to break into a sector that is expected to have $10TRILLION poured into it through 2040? 

THIS is the course for YOU!

Go beyond filling out pre-prepared templates - build complex financial models from scratch! Make a quantum leap in your financial modeling skills! Save hours at work - by learning Excel best practices and VBA!

This course takes an application-led approach which will guide you through an ENTIRE buyout valuation model for a newly operational WIND PLANT or SOLAR PLANT in Excel! 

You'll take a comprehensive a approach learning the BUSINESS AND RISK FUNDAMENTALS of wind and solar power plants' business, including how to find relevant information in technical engineering reports.

You won't just be taught how to build a financial model - you'll learn HOW TO USE IT. 

You'll prepare yourself for to work on solar and wind plant deals ALL AROUND THE WORLD with:

+Advisory teams
+Private equity funds
+Debt funds
+Industrial developers
+Asset managers

You'll cover the theory and financial modeling for:

+Solar and wind plant business and operations
+Plant risk assessment
+Debt sizing
+Debt service sculpting/tailoring/payment structuring
+Lender covenants
+Complex cash waterfalls
+Debt service ratios
+Dynamic charts and dashboard design
+Circular calculations common in plant financing deals

Your financial model will:

+Handle complex financial engineering and analysis applicable to most wind and solar buyout deals
+Calculate returns, a fair buyout price, and industry-specific multiple
+Give you flexibility to assess multiple financing arrangements
+Have clean, efficient VBA code to speed up your analysis and free up your time
+Follow the very best practices actually used by professionals in the industry

+ Secure grounding in accounting concepts
+ Ability to build integrated 3-way model in Excel

This Best Practice includes
15 PDFs, 35 Excel models, 26 videos

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  • Seth Christman
    Is there a way to go back in the module or rewatch certain sections without listening to the whole module?
    arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
    • Tim Demoures
      Hi Seth!

      Let me answer this one (given it's more about the platform than Roderick's great course) :) Normally, with the "Video Bookmarks" option (yellow bookmarks), which you can add on each video at any time point, you'll be able to directly jump to the sections that you appreciate later on. The idea is for you to create your own "bookmarks" on the way.

      Does that answer your question? (Or work for you?)

      If not, let me know via PM and we'll organise a screen-sharing session.

      arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
      • Roderick McKinley, CFA
        Cheers Tim!
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        • Seth Christman
          Hi Tim, thanks for your reply, but not sure that answers my question. I would like to be able to pause the module, especially during the excel calculations, go back 10-30 seconds to rewatch the module again. Right now I can only watch the individual module from start to finish without any control of being able to rewatch a specific section
          arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
          • Tim Demoures
            Hi Seth,

            Got it! The Course was uploaded using our Vimeo integration here, making it impossible to use our bookmarks feature (explained above). I'll see with Roderick if we can upload the videos onto our own player enabling you to bookmark specific points so you can go back and forth to places where you want to spend more time on.

            We'll keep you posted!

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      • Luis Enrique Ruiz Mínguez
        Hello, the course provides the excel?. If not how I could buy?
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      • Jorge Cerro Larizbeascoa
        Hello Roderick,
        By the end of video 20 of this course you mention that there is Project Finance Modeling course but i can't find it in this platform. Is it a work in progress or can I find it somewhere else?
        arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
        • Roderick McKinley, CFA
          Hi Jorge - I believe we tied this up over LinkedIn.
          Thank you for your interest and good luck with your studies!
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