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How to Build a Neural Network in 4 Minutes

This short & intense video will teach you how to build a neural net in 4 minutes.

Neural Networks are one of the many research areas in AI. They're inspired by the natural neural network of the human nervous system. The idea of neural networks is based on the belief that the way the human brain works- in terms of making the right connections- can be imitated as living dendrites and neurons.

In this video, Siraj Raval demonstrates how you can build a neural net in just 4 minutes. He explains each step as he goes along, using a screen sharing method to present the process through video.

Length: 3 minutes 26 seconds

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  • Jennifer O'Bryon(last updated: 27/04/2019 23:31)
    This four minutes with Siraj Raval would have taken me six months (or never) if I tried to understand it without watching the video. Six stars!


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