A/B Testing Significance Excel Spreadsheet Calculator
Originally published: 13/02/2017 13:49
Publication number: ELQ-44603-1
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A/B Testing Significance Excel Spreadsheet Calculator

Calculate statistical significance for any kind of split testing being done.

The spreadsheet is set to automatically calculate significance for you- p-value, z-value and other applicable metrics for whichever kind of split testing (including Adwords) being done.

The spreadsheet serves to detail how it is that significance is calculated. All that needs to be provided is the number of visitors and conversion for control and variations. These can be inserted in the red cells.

Certainly, you will see the relevant formulas in the spreadsheet.

Feel free to share the file with your friends or colleagues, or on your social media platforms.

Special thanks to Jai, where we realized a small error existed in the conversion rate range calculations (though significance results were unaffected). However, the error has been fixed on the spreadsheet.

- Paras Chopra

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