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How to warm-up your email list after not emailing for a while

George Kao explains how and how *not* to warm up your email list, after not emailing your subscribers for a while.

So, you have email subscribers and you haven't emailed them in a while. How can you 'warm up' your list so that you can start sending regular emails, or promote your product or service? This video by George Kao shows you how *not* to do it, as well as a detailed example of how you should do it.

The steps are as following:

1) If you have 3/4 weeks before having to send your emails, then that would be the ideal situation. This would allow you to test out your content on social media first. Each week you should post one or two articles or videos that you have created on your social media pages. These can be old or new. Then, after 4 weeks, you would have 4 to 8 tests. You can see which posts received the most engagement.

2) When writing your warm up email, use this approximate format:

- How they got on to your list in the first place

- The option to unsubscribe

Note: If your email lists is larger than 500 people, then you should break up your lists into segments of 500 and send them separate messages. By doing this, you email service is less likely to suspend your account for having too many unsubscribes. Ideally you want to keep each email's unsubscribe ratio to below 1%, but if you are sending it to 500 people at time, they will be more lenient with that percentage.

You DO want those who wish to unsubscribe to unsubscribe themselves. This then helps you to keep the people are actually going to keep engaging with you.. and not click 'spam' for your email.

- Include what you have been up to and maybe share a short and interesting story

- Share some of your recent best 2-3 posts, with links to the full posts

- Share a paragraph or two about what to expect from you in the future, how often you will send emails and what they will be about.

- Have the usual footer with the unsubscribe option again.

After you send this warm-up email, I would advise sending emails every 3-4 weeks, that are content rich, again with snippets then links to the full posts.

After sending this video, you should send emails every 3-4 weeks that are rich in content. Then after a few months of warm up emails, you are ready to email more frequently!

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