Stock Valuation Excel Model Tool under weighted average system with timeline.
Originally published: 29/05/2018 09:05
Last version published: 01/10/2019 12:19
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Stock Valuation Excel Model Tool under weighted average system with timeline.

Weighted average stock valuation over the timeline logic for excel beginner.

A stock valuation tool based on weighted average system for beginners to create logic in excel through different function. It provide weighted average value of the inventories. The tool can be modified as per the user specification and in case if you want to create a stock management tool for your company then please contact me through Eloquens chat. Let me know your feedback and inputs to improvise the tool


1) Update the first date of timeline: Should be the first date of any month and year. Refer cell E12 to update.

2) Update the frequency of the timeline. Refer cell E15 to update

3) Update the financial year last month. Refer cell E17 to update.

4) Input the price through out the timeline. Refer row 24 from F column onwards.

5) Input the purchased quantity through out the timeline. Refer row 26 from F column onwards.

6) Input the transfer/sale quantity through out the timeline. Refer row 28 from F column onwards.

In case the cumulative transfer units are more than the cumulative purchased unit then the Error will be shown in row 30 with comments.

For result please refer the output section from row 35 onwards.

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  • Giordano K
    Can i use other currencies? If so, do i have to change anything or just simply input any number in any currency?
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    • Financial Modeller
      Yes, you can use any currency. The template doesn't consider any forex conversion.
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    • Financial Modeller
      Hi user, I would like to know your feedback regarding the stock valuation tool.
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