Business Plan and Valuation: Financial Modeling
Originally published: 03/02/2021 14:21
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Business Plan and Valuation: Financial Modeling

Business Planning Model with Integrated 3 Financial Statements and DCF Valuation

Build a business planning and valuation model from scratch. We use a case study to build a full scale, dynamic and flexible financial model as part of this course.

We have divided the course in 3 sections:
1. In the first section, we provide an overview of the course and discuss about what is financial modelling. We also cover a quick Excel refresher for some of the excel concepts used in the model.
2. Second section is about building a business plan for a company operating eCommerce platform. The model is developed step by step - covering revenue, costs, working capital, capital expenditure & depreciation, equity and debt funding projections and then we integrate all calculations for forecasting 3 financial statements.
3. In the last section, we leverage the financial projections to calculate the valuation of target business using discounted cash flow approach.

This course is useful for any finance professional or student aspiring for a career in finance. Background in finance & accounting and basic excel knowledge will be helpful to get the maximum value from this course.

We have 2 hours of videos split in small 3-7 minute videos focused on a specific topic. You also get access to the final excel model created by instructor.

This Best Practice includes
21 Videos, 1 PowerPoint, 1 Excel Model

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