The Storytelling Pocketbook
Originally published: 26/02/2018 14:22
Publication number: ELQ-96742-1
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The Storytelling Pocketbook

This tool will show you how to tell the best possible business story and how to use this as a persuasive tool.

This helpful business aid will give you a series of tips, techniques and tools that you can use in order to tell the best business stories. This document will walk you through the essentials of telling your own personal stories, and how you can make these stories work for you.

In this guide, Jones explains why the art of storytelling is absolutely essential in business and shows exactly how it can be used to your benefit. Jones suggests this tool as a way to persuade others and really get your message to hit home and stick with the audience. This tool bucks the trend from the management presentations of old, suggesting a new way of presenting, away from the fact based PowerPoint presentations of old. Jones argues that where facts and figures bore, stories can inspire. These stories are far more memorable, and by using them you can have a truly lasting impact upon your audience.

This tool breaks down the idea of storytelling in business, explaining why stories should be used, how they can work and where exactly they should be used. This tool is an essential for anyone involved in presenting in business. This tool will help you to forget your old dull, monotonous presentations and create story-based presentations that will persuade, inspire action and have a lasting impact among the audience.

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