Financial Writing Cheat Sheet
Originally published: 09/03/2020 15:57
Last version published: 23/06/2020 11:49
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Financial Writing Cheat Sheet

A power guide to hone your financial writing skills


• The Financial Writing Cheat Sheet compilation will aid you to enhance your financial-report writing skills.

• This Cheat Sheet will acquaint you with writing styles of various financial experts that will help broaden your writing ability.

• The Financial Writing Cheat Sheet is also equipped with a host of words to enrich your vocabulary.

• It also contains sample illustration of the most popular graphical representations to complete your report.

---Table of Content---

• Verb forms to convey increase
• Verb forms to convey decrease
• Verb forms for changes due to supplementary factors
• Verb forms for continuity
• Describe Good/Bad conditions in business operations
• Various forms to convey increase
• Various forms to convey decrease
• Various forms to convey continuity
• Demonstrating Optimism
• Helping readers visualize numbers
• Why Investors shouldn’t miss the opportunity this time
• Crisp recommendation
• Describing the opportunity
• Rich description of continuing dynamics
• Disclaimer & Caution
• What we do & Why should you engage us
• Catchy phrases
• Data Visualization

List of Important KPIs
• Customer Lifetime Value CLV, Churn Rate, Average Revenue Per User ARPU, Customer Acquisition Cost CAC, Burn Rate, Customer Retention Rate, Average Order Value AOV, Conversion Rate, Gross Merchandise Value GMV, Recurring Revenue, Cost Per Mile CPM, Cost Per Click CPC, Cost Per Acquisition CPA, Run Rate, Customer Lifetime, Profit Margin, Growth Rate, Active Users, Return on Investment ROI, Operating Expense Ratio OER, CLV:CAC, Advertisement, Average Price Per Unit APPU, Transaction Fees, Downloads, Attendees, Impression, Listing, Capacity Utilization Rate, Pricing Plan Distribution, Session, Traffic, User Base, Views

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