Loan Excel Calculator (for borrowers)
Originally published: 30/04/2019 13:54
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Loan Excel Calculator (for borrowers)

Calculate your repayments (amortization or annuity) on a loan with this Loan Calculator

This Loan Calculator excel sheet is a very useful tool for loan management from the borrower’s side. This tool is an efficient way of calculating debt repayments to be paid for a loan.

This template helps to calculate the interest that should be paid and also allows you to see the total outstanding loan balance due month on month. The loan calculator makes all the necessary calculations for a maximum of 360-month/30-year period.

To use the model, just enter the loan amount and start date, the term of the loan and the annual interest rate and all other data will be calculated automatically. You can also choose between Amortization or Annuity for the calculation type. You will also see the monthly interest and principal totals and total principal and interest displayed graphically in automatically generated charts.

If you have any questions or queries surrounding this tool, or you would like to purchase customization hours, you’re able to either start a discussion below or contact us directly via private message via our Eloquens author account! See our channel for additional templates and resources like this one.

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