Bar Financial Model
Originally published: 12/02/2020 16:24
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Bar Financial Model

Bar Financial Model is designed to be simple to forecast an up to 60-month operating budget and cash flows.

If you are running a Bar & Restaurant business that involves running a then this model can guide you with the financial feasibility of your business.

Forecast of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Financial Ratios over the next 5 years.

Detailed breakdowns to estimate sales, COGS, gross profit and operating costs.

Assumptions block for revenue contains four categories of revenue, GOGS assumptions have four categories too. Selling, General & Administrative Expenses consist of Sales & Marketing, Wages and Salaries, General & Administrative Expenses with own subcategories.

Working Capital Forecast (Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Accounts Payable).

Debt schedule:

Fixed Asset Schedule which includes 5 asset categories.

Ordinary Equity Schedule and dividends planing

Financial Analysis:

A summary and financial charts with a quick glance on the company’s key highlight.

Dashboard contains:

- Income Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow Statement
- Five-Year Performance Summary infographic
- Revenue Chart
-Valuation & IRR
Core Assumptions in the Dashboard Tab:
- The average number of visitors per Day
- Total Sales of Gross Revenue
- Cost of Sales
- Occupancy
- The Source of Funds

- Cash Flow Chart
- Cash at Bank Chart

Financial Charts contain:
- Sales & GP margin
- Sales growth & Opex growth
- EBITDA margin
- EBIT margin
- Net Income margin

The Assumptions Tab is divided into blocks
1 Operational Assumption, where you can input all revenue and expense assumptions.
This block provides assumptions for three scenarios
2 Assets Assumptions for inputs Capital Expenditures and Amortization and Deopretioation period
3 Working Capital Assumptions for inputs the Day Payables and Day Receivables
4 Capital Assumptions for all inputs regarding Debt and Equity
5 Dividends Payable & Paid - in this block provided the dropdown menu for sitting up against the Declaration Dividends Yes/No
And Dividend Payout Ratio - % of NPAT
6 Other Balance Sheet Items Assumptions
Insert the Beginning Cash amounts
7 Taxation Assumptions
Insert the Corporate Tax Rate and Opening Tax Payable
8 Valuation Assumptions
Insert the Discount Rate and Terminal Value Growth Rate

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If you are running a Bar & Restaurant business that involves running a then this model can guide you with the financial feasibility of your business.


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