Excel Bookmarks Extension
Originally published: 09/08/2018 09:00
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Excel Bookmarks Extension

Excel extension for creating and organizing navigational markers within and across Excel workbooks.

Many Excel users perform presentations describing their work product or results directly within Excel rather than in PowerPoint or other tools due to the ease of updating or making tweaks live, on the spot for their viewers. This commonly involves scrolling up, down, and around while moving from one tab to another in order to find the right spots to present from which can disorient and lose viewers as they spend time watching the navigation rather than seeing the results. Other times, you have a repetitive workbook with explicit instructions for how to do something such as go to cell A, copy the result and paste it in cell B, look at the value in cell C and go to D or E ... What if you could easily navigate through your workbook and provide a built-in guided-tour without any messy ActiveX buttons or VBA macros bogging down your file?

This extension adds new functionality to Excel for the specification of "Bookmarks". Bookmarks are organized and ordered named ranges designed around workbook navigation. With the bookmarks comes a set of navigational tools allowing you to immediately jump to specific bookmarks via a drop-down menu along the Ribbon plus some quick access Return (to Last), Next, and Previous navigational commands to allow you to go from one bookmark to the next in easy, rapid succession. Whenever you jump to a bookmark, the specified range is selected with the upper left most cell set to the upper left most visible cell on your screen.

Want to be able to immediately jump from Chart A to Chart B within a worksheet? Done.
Want to be able to jump back and forth from a chart in Workbook A to one in Workbook B for comparison? Done.

But, what about security settings and trust and all of the issues associated with VBA?

This extension is an application-level Visual Studio Tools for Office add-in, meaning it gets installed as a trusted on start-up add-in to your PC. The bookmark data itself is saved directly to the Excel file's XML manifest, meaning this extension works with .xlsx files and does not require macros to be enabled on a host computer for the file to be opened. Your users will require no special trust center settings to use files that you've created bookmarks within; however, they will need this add-in to use your bookmarks.

Improve your productivity, your employees' productivity, and your overall work product by extending Excel with the Bookmarks extension.

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Further information

Improve Excel's accessibility.
Assist user collaboration.
Improve Excel's presentation capabilities.
Improve user productivity.

1) Large workbooks with many points of interest.
2) Workbooks requiring instructions for how to use.
3) Presenting within Excel.

Single sheet Excel files that fit on a single monitor.


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