Cryptocurrency Positions Excel Spreadsheet
Originally published: 24/01/2018 17:01
Publication number: ELQ-35708-1
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Cryptocurrency Positions Excel Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will enable you to track returns on your Cryptocurrency investments.

Unfortunately, investing in cryptocurrencies is not as simple as buy for one amount, sell for another, and come up with a profit.

This spreadsheet has been made to help you keep track and make sense of where you are based on what you've bought and sold on different platforms.

How to use:
1. Make a copy of the spreadsheet (file -> make a copy)
2. Modify if you'd like to add a new cryptocurrency or add another indicator. (optional)
3. Delete the example transactions to add in your own transaction details, one per line and with input on blue cells
4. When you're happy with your inputs, delete columns L-M and rows 2-9

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