Agricultural Silo budget forecast and Valuation
Originally published: 23/08/2018 07:57
Publication number: ELQ-95204-1
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Agricultural Silo budget forecast and Valuation

A comprehensive and very flexible Agricultural Silo forecast model that also allows to generate a 5 year business plan

This tool is a complete excel model that allows you to perform a DCF (Discounted Cash flow) valuation of an agricultural silo. Also, it allows the user to generate a 5-year business plan with ease.

The template is extremely flexible and allows users to switch between 8 available scenarios. Each scenario supports inputs from the user and by switching between them you will see the impact of certain drivers on the performance of the Silo, or your business. You can switch between scenarios in cell E3 in the inputs sheet.
All information used for the forecast of the profit and loss account can be assessed and changed in the "Inputs" Sheet. The rest of the sheets contain formulae and should not be changed.

Also, on the side of in the "Inputs" Sheet you will find some comments and indications that will help you when completing the information. We will also provide a short YouTube tutorial, on which we are currently working on.

Tabs provided:
- Cover
- Notice
- Inputs
- Calculations
- Timing
- Income Statement
- DCF Valuation

The model is great to assess the value of your silo, analyze the viability of an investment or to present your outlook on the silo to your shareholders.

Should you have any questions on the model you can always contact us.

This Best Practice includes
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Allow the user to easily forecast the budget of an agricultural silo and also its value, offering flexibility and a broad overview with the use of different scenarios.

Valuation, budget or income statement forecast

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