Getting to Wow!
Originally published: 13/02/2020 11:08
Last version published: 26/08/2021 13:35
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Getting to Wow!

How to create a value proposition that will dazzle investors - a 4 step framework.

When you only have a few seconds to dazzle potential investors with the essence of your company, what is the most important message to deliver?

Most entrepreneurs think of their elevator pitch, but this often results in an unintelligible gibberish of techspeak that usually misses the point.

To articulate what is so exciting about your company you need to connect with both the head and the heart of the listener – you need to make logical sense and get the listener’s heart rate to speed up. In short: be clear, be credible and be compelling.

Many entrepreneurs get wrapped up trying to teach their listener rather than to motivate them – remember, your primary objective is to sell. Our Four Step Framework will help you to pull together all the elements of your Wow statement.

Alternatively, try to tell a story, paint a picture or offer a useful analogy to present your idea. This will seem incredibly straightforward but often we forget the need to be clear and credible, as well as compelling.

See our additional tips to help you craft your Wow statement. Keep it simple, crisp, easy to read, and easy to say.

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