Corporate Finance Motherbook
Originally published: 24/01/2020 09:22
Publication number: ELQ-17650-1
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Corporate Finance Motherbook

I created this excel to automatically calculate values for me so I wouldn't have to memorize the formulas

During my time at IE Business School, it was mandatory to take a series of finance courses which were a bit over my head. To make everything a bit easier I created an excel so I wouldn't have to memorize dozens of formulas. This is the excel.

It can help you to calculate ROIC, starting capital requirements, cost of capital, valuations, WACC, amount needed to be paid out to shareholders, annual tax benefits, APV, VEA, PVI, EVIT, expected return on equity, leveraged beta, asset beta, the cost of debt at different debt levels, interest coverage ratio, CAPM, CAPEX, market premiums, risk free rate, cost of debt, DDM & more

Do not use this excel to make financial decisions. I am not a CFP or CFA. I literally created this tool to wrap my brain around corporate finance and as a result was able to walk away from the class with one of the two A's given out to a class of 52 students.

If you're a student of finance this might benefit you in your studies. It is free for anyone to download because it should not be used as anything more than a learning tool.

I hope this helps!

This Best Practice includes
1 excel, several sheets

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help non-finance people make preliminary decisions, help non-finance MBA students figure out corporate finance

don't make financial decisions based on this, speak to a CFP or CFA before making a financial decision. I'm not a financial analyst. I just used this excel to learn corporate finance and walked away with one of the two A's given in my class.

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