Procurement Management Excel Sheet and Dashboard
Originally published: 24/08/2022 09:44
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Procurement Management Excel Sheet and Dashboard

Procurement Management Excel Sheet and Dashboard

1. Summary
This Sheet includes all suppliers transactions details spending money, delivered quantity, payment and outstanding
2. Suppliers Database
Through this sheet you can register all supplier’s information’s that will reflect directly to automatic purchasing orders
3. Procurement
Main sheet to record suppliers’ transactions and purchase orders
4. Custom List
From this sheet you can establish and edit your custom lists that used in procurement table as drop-down lists
5. Purchase Order
From this sheet you can choose any purchase order from drop down list and preview ready purchase order

1) At the beginning you have to create reference list from custom list sheet you can easily navigate between sheets from top bar menu

2) Create product list and for each product set the part number and item price

3) Also create procurement members who will involve with vendor a person in charge

4) Create type of supplier list "you can keep it same Single, Multi and Solo source of supplier"

5) And last step to set various types of payment that your company can make transactions

6) Next step is to create suppliers’ information list from supplier’s database sheet

7) For each supplier record all related information’s that will reflect automatically in purchase orders and procurement data source

8) Now all reference data has been set and ready for procurement data source

9) Go to procurement sheet which is the main sheet for all transactions

10) Start to record requisting date for a certain purchase order

11) Record you P.O or purchase order number

12) As defined in above definitions set you P.O seq#

13) Select related supplier who will provide this P.O from dropdown menu

14) Select product and quantity required then choose type of payment

15) Other data will be calculated automatically "data in gray cell include calculations so please don't insert any data in these cells"

16) Only allowed to insert data in blank white cells and for new record follow " New order arrow -->"

17) To creat purchase order invoice got to purchase order sheet and select P.O number from drop down number

18) To review suppliers and transactions summary go to Summary sheet and review all summary details using dynamic slicers

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Procurement Management

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