Interviewing Tips for Interviewees
Originally published: 11/12/2017 16:41
Publication number: ELQ-45508-1
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Interviewing Tips for Interviewees

Tips on how to prepare and conduct yourself before, during and after an interview as well as sample questions.

Being prepared and conducting your research is vital in doing well in interviews. Although it is extremely hard to be fully prepared for the questions your employer will throw at you, there are some general interview questions that will more than likely be used.

This pdf document contains tips on how to do your best in interviews, from tips on how to dress for both men and women, and how to best portray yourself whilst greeting your potential employer and during the interview.

There are 30 general sample questions that you can prepare, as well as questions you can ask your employers (it's always a good idea to have some questions at the ready!).

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