E-commerce Excel Model Template
Originally published: 28/02/2017 14:59
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E-commerce Excel Model Template

E-commerce Model in Excel that enables you to estimate the value of the e-commerce depending on KPIs

E-commerce is one of the most often used on-line business models. In this first file, you will find a full e-commerce business model that estimates the profit & loss, sales on the basis of KPIs, traffic sources, and structure of visit acquisition, assumed logistics costs. It consists of the following sheets:

1. Sales & Margin. In this sheet, you find estimated levels of sales and margin. We start from traffic and through conversion rate, assumed average transaction value (ATV) the model estimated sales. Gross margin is modeled using estimated sales and % Gross Margin. As a next step, we estimate the cost of acquiring customers and other costs. That leads us to the net margin estimation

2. Fixed Costs. Every business has to know its fixed costs. Here it is estimated for e-commerce. As fixed costs, we assume the cost of development and headquarters.

3. P&L. In this sheet we get together Net Margin and Fixed Costs to estimate.

4. Summary. Here you will find a table of content and links to other sheets.

In order to modify the file change, the parameters that are in blue, and the model will recalculate. A video is attached to the file, which shows you how you can draw conclusions on the business using the model.
I have also attached 2 additional models. One of them shows you how to model Cash Flow in e-commerce. In the third one, you will see how to model in more detail the sales by a group of products, traffic acquisition by channels.

- Asen Gyczew

This Best Practice includes
3 Excel file and 1 Explanatory Video

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