Originally published: 05/02/2021 09:07
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Excel Crash Course and Most Used Functions

Most commonly used excel functions and tools in Microsoft Excel

This course covers most commonly used functions in excel in a very simple and structured manner.  The examples and structure of the course has been designed by a finance professional with 15 years of working experience with Excel.  Excel is one of the best available tools in the market to analyze and summarize data. While this course is useful for beginners across all fields; this is particularly recommended for those studying or working in finance.

It covers all the key functions available in excel including data import, sort, filter. The course also covers key Maths functions like ADD, SUBTRACT etc and finance functions like NPV, IRR etc  besides introducing the commonly used VLOOKUP and IF functions. There is a lecture on Pivot Tables also which are extensively used to summarize data .The course ends with examples of basic visualization of data in excel through Charts functionality.

The course should be particularly useful for someone starting to learn Excel and/or someone who is looking to refresh his/her excel skills. The course is designed in a simple manner with examples and also has a problem sheet (with solutions) at the end for the students to practice. We also encourage the learners to take out more practice questions and practice. Excel is best learned with practice.

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