SAAS Financial Model Template
Originally published: 27/01/2021 08:54
Last version published: 08/09/2022 12:02
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SAAS Financial Model Template

Dynamic 5-year SAAS forecast template for fundraising

This easy to use Financial Model template enables you to model your SAAS business in an intuitive way. 

This is a dynamic model where you can change assumptions (clearly labelled) and the updates will flow through the model. The model has a clear and consistent structure and format and follows international accounting rules. 

This model has been used to secure over £50m (c.$65m) in seed/series A funding.

The well-designed model focusses on building your key revenue drivers, designing the value tier packages, understanding the number and size of your finance rounds and giving you a business valuation (multiples and perpetual growth methods) - pitch ready and everything an investor needs to quickly and easily evaluate your SAAS business. 

The model also includes
💪 Assumption walkthrough - click on an assumption for guidance context
💪 Run up to five scenarios - build your base, best and conservative cases
💪 Full financial statements (Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement)
💪 Financial and customer KPIs
💪 Full investor and founder returns 

We have reduced the number of model tabs to just:

1/ Introduction - clear instruction on how to use the model
2/ Inputs - all the model inputs in one tab (no more jumping between tabs) and test scenarios
3/ Calculations - the engine of the model, all the calculations in one place
4/ Investor road map - understand your cash shortfall, investment rounds, dilution analysis and round valuations
5/ Financial Statements - income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement - all providing insight into the business 
6/ Financial Summary - key financial and customer KPIs
7/ Valuation & Returns - Business valuation, investor returns (IRR / MOIC)

This Best Practice includes
1 Financial forecast template Excel workbook

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Further information

To enable SAAS business founders and owners to understand their metrics and build their forecasts. The financial model is a management tool to be constantly updated and revised to support business decisions. The template is designed to be easy to use, well-formatted and bankable. This template will save the user time and money while enabling them to understand the context of the inputs and the outputs.

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