Fundraising Advice for YC Companies
Originally published: 14/11/2017 15:06
Last version published: 14/11/2017 16:52
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Fundraising Advice for YC Companies

Advice for founders raising money for their companies.

A fair amount of good businesses find it difficult to raise money. Companies that are seen as more 'fashionable' find it a lot easier to raise money than 'unfashionable' companies do. Good investors try to exploit this, but it's still tricky if you need money that you can't seem to raise. It's important to stay motivated despite getting unfavorable responses from investors- you just have to continue to be resourceful and budget around what you have.

It's also likely that with the ever-changing environment, it's more difficult now to raise money than it was in the past, but its still quite early to know. Here you'll find some useful advice fundraising (for YC Companies in particular.)

*Originally found on Y Combinator's blog*

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