Feedback on your Mini Business Plan
Originally published: 23/03/2018 15:34
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Feedback on your Mini Business Plan

Get personal feedback on your own mini business plan. The mini business plan template is a part of this tool

Would you like to start a small business but don´t know where to start? Does it feel like your head is going to explode and everything is just chaos.

Many entrepreneurs have been in this position, and I know I can help you reduce your chaotic thoughts and point you in the right direction, where you can see the path to walk.

It works like this:

- You fill out the mini-business-plan template and mail it to me - template is a part of this tool
- I personally read your mini business plan
- Based on my 20 years of experience I point out (in writing) the issues you should focus on
- I give you suggestions on how to solve your biggest challenges
- I send you business articles relevant for your challenges

See example of feedback on a mini business plan under download

NOTE: I cannot solve all your startup challenges in this coaching. It will only be one of many steps on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur:

This is a brand new product so to test its value the I will not charge any fee to the first 3 feedback customers – if you agree to give me feedback.

The feedback to start a small business will soon cost 75 USD.

My name is Mogens Thomsen, I hold a Master Degree in Management and I am the owner of Thomsen Business Information. I am situated in Denmark, Scandinavia - the best business country in the world according to Forbes Magazine.

I love to promote the entrepreneurial mentality, as I believe it releases energy and sets one free to create value for one self and others.I am an expert in advising entrepreneurs and in dissemination of entrepreneurial knowledge.

I have spent 10,000 hours doing it. Hundreds of personal advice sessions, lectures and teaching sessions form the background for my published books, websites, start guides and apps. My material has been published in Danish, English and several other languages.
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This Best Practice includes
1 word mini business plan template

Mogens Thomsen offers you this Best Practice for free!

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