Modeling Sales Data for E-commerce businesses

Using MS Excel's Business Intelligence features to analyse sales data.


Given a sales data worksheet of a E-commerce company, we try to analyse and visualize the given data from different perspectives based on what the user selects.

The workbook is given for 3 months, and has columns headed with the data about:

1. Dates/Time of orders
2.Cities to where the orders are shipped.
3. Number of Orders
4. Type of payment: cash, Net banking or EMIs
5. Status of the orders- Delivered? Cancelled?
6. SKU's that the ordered items fall into.
7. The products in which the SKU's fall into.
8. Categories of the products.

So if you ask yourself: "what was the revenue earned for the top 5 products in the A100 category in April for orders shipping to New Delhi?"

The content will answer it: the following video goes along with the workbook to answer such type of questions. The video also includes how I made figures for the revenue flow from categories to shipping cities during different periods of the orders using custom visuals.


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