India Model Portfolio - Billion Dollar Valuation
Originally published: 07/06/2021 07:20
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India Model Portfolio - Billion Dollar Valuation

List of 29 stocks for long term wealth creation in the Indian Markets

India is on the verge of all time high stock markets and a long bull run lasting for many years to come. The nation has stood strong amidst the global pandemic and emerged as as a global manufacturing and technology hub. The coming decade is going to be India's journey to be a global superpower. With the corporate taxes all time low, a strong central government and increasing income levels throughout the country, there is a lot of opportunity for wealth creation by Investing in the Indian markets. With this in mind we have done our extensive analysis and constructed a model portfolio. Presenting the BDV India Model portfolio - A well researched and risk managed portfolio consisting of high growth and value stocks in the upcoming industries.

The portfolio consists of a total 29 stocks out of which 5 are entry-level positions to replace the underperforming stocks over time. The core portfolio hence is of 24 stocks across 6 upcoming high growth sectors in India with a well diversified risk amidst value and growth stocks. You can get the entire list of the selected stocks and the weights in the portfolio in the excel model given below. All you need to do is to replicate the positions and hold the stocks for long term. You can also create a customized Smallcase to replicate and invest systematically through lumpsum and SIP in these stocks.

Our model portfolio has outperformed the benchmark indices by miles over the last 10 years and continues to build momentum which has long-term wealth creation opportunities. Download this excel containing the list of all our stocks in the portfolio and their corresponding weights and get started. Happy Investing!

Note: All the research done by us is only for educational purposes and should not be seen as Investment recommendations. We are Research analysts and not SEBI Registered Investment Advisor. Kindly do your own due diligence before Investing or consult your financial advisors.

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The aim is to create a portfolio of stocks selected thoroughly form the high upcoming growth sectors in India. The portfolio consists of both growth and value stocks for 10+ years holding period.

Long term Investing in Indian Capital Markets and Wealth Creation


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