Cryptocurrency Valuation: Methods and Frameworks!
Originally published: 28/04/2021 07:02
Publication number: ELQ-27819-1
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Cryptocurrency Valuation: Methods and Frameworks!

Learn about the available methods and frameworks to value bitcoin, How the ecosystem is behaving holistically

Learn about the available methods and frameworks to value bitcoin:

What you will learn

Bitcoin valuation techniques
Understanding of bitcoin's value drivers
Understanding of how bitcoin captures value.

UTXO Analysis
The percentage of coins that have been moved, holding or selling.

WALLET Analysis

The more wallets opened the greater level of economic activity.

Track active addresses it's like opening a bank account and not using it.

ATM Analysis

Tracks Bitcoin Atm installations over time, useful when you track month to month.

Social Sentiment Analysis

Google trends and Twitter( use bitinfocharts)

NVT Analysis - network value transactions

Coins in circulation graph and compare with confirmed transactions per day then download and incorporate in your analysis.

Using NVT signal

For BTC, any level above 150 is in the overbought zone, indicative of a market top...and levels below 45 tends to be oversold.

An indicator to pick tops and bottom.

In this excel spreadsheet you will look at the most popular methods that are currently being used to value the Bitcoin network and how you can implement these methods.

In this excel spreadsheet we will analyze methods you can use to:

- Track bitcoin ATM and merchant adoption

- Measure Bitcoin's security

- Measure network throughput (NVT ratio)

- Track social sentiment (Social trends)

- Understand HODL behaviour (UTXO analysis)

This Best Practice includes
4 excel spreadsheet

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