Overview of Digital Business Maturity Reference Model
Originally published: 31/01/2022 16:39
Publication number: ELQ-10192-1
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Overview of Digital Business Maturity Reference Model

Digital Business Maturity is about more than just technology & technology management, it is about the impact of Digital on all the Organization's Sub-systems

Digital (Technology) Change & Transformation must be driven by the Business, Organisation, Customer and User needs, with a view to achieving some related defined aims and objectives that relate to Improvement & Value. Transformation, Change & Improvement are significantly facilitated by New Technology & Technology Professionals.
Digital (Technology) includes existing, new and emerging technologies, applied to any aspect of an Organisations activities, from simple Office Productivity Tools to sophisticated AI enabled Automation Networks and their related data and Information which is exploited to create value and advantage at any level: Task, Process, System, Eco-System etc.
The pace and nature of the emergence of new technologies and new technology applications will continue to accelerate, as will the volume of related Buzz Words and Acronyms. What will not change is the importance for all organisations to maintain awareness of existing and emerging technologies, and their potential impact on Business, Organisations, Teams, Activities, Roles and Skills, in order to be able to assess and adopt those technologies that have value for their stakeholders and stakeholder entities.
This short paper introduces one of those Reference Models ‘The Digital Maturity Index’; which identifies all the key Business & Organisation Capabilities, as they relate to an organisation’s adoption and improvement of its investment in technologies as regards performance & value creation.

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