Things You Should Be Doing Daily to Stay Sharp in UI/UX Design
Originally published: 18/01/2018 13:23
Publication number: ELQ-73307-1
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Things You Should Be Doing Daily to Stay Sharp in UI/UX Design

Mike Locke explains the things every UI and UX designer should be doing daily to stay on top in the marketplace.

In this video, Mike Locke talks about what you should be doing today *every day* for the rest of your career as a UI / UX designer or as an aspiring designer. It does not matter what goals, or what projects you are working on - these are things you should always be working on and thinking of. This is about sharpening your blade, keeping your bonfire high. By bonfire he means think of your values and skills, interest in the market place. If you do not do these things the bonfire will eventually go down to a simmer. And that is when you become a commodity within this industry.

Mike Locke gives three things that you should be focused on daily. These pieces of invaluable advice are addressed in full in the video.

Video Length: 8:14

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