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How to Create a Financial Model for an Advanced Debt Schedule

This video will help you through the complex process of creating a model debt schedule in Microsoft Excel.

With this detailed tutorial, Ezra guides you through the process of building an in-depth Excel financial model to schedule your debt. This video will give you the tools to schedule for three different types of debt; namely bank loans, note debt and revolver debt.

By following this video and executing this financial model, your business will be able to be flexible, yet secure with your debt. You will be able to build a detailed model to schedule how much debt your business will take on.

This video demonstrates an incredibly efficient way of using Excel to schedule your debt. Giving you automated calculations based on your input figures, Ezra shows how you can document and schedule your bank loan debts quickly and efficiently.

This video simply shows how to construct your debt schedule to give you automated closing balance, average balance, interest expense and cash remaining predictions based on your debt. This is then replicated and adapted to show you how to schedule for your business' note debt as well as revolver debt.

This will then allow you to use all three types of debt in unison and calculate yopur overall total debt, your cash available and your interest expense. Therefore, this video tool will give you the means to easily calculate and schedule all of your different kinds of debt.

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