Restaurant Financial Model
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Restaurant Financial Model

The Restaurant Financial Model provides a framework to forecast the Income, cash flows, IRR; NPV

Taking into account key assumptions such as number of seats, the average turnover per seat, average check for the different menu items, and the combination of fixed and variable costs, the model provides a framework to forecast the expected Income, Balance sheet and Cash Flow statement, as well as the valuation of the modeled restaurant business using the DCF approach.

This model is a very solid model that takes into account the specifics of the restaurant business. The template is monthly in nature), and it is a 100% unlocked Excel file with fully transparent formulas that can be further tailored to suit your particular needs.

Model Overview:
- Revenue: Sales Breakdown by the different menu items and by group of sales (Food, Beverage and others)
-Cost of Revenue: Breakdown of the Cost of revenue for each stream
-Wages & Salaries: Calculation of the cost with wages & salaries for each year and monthly wise
for the chosen year
-Suppliers and External Services: Calculation of the cost with supplies for each year and monthly
wise for the chosen year
-Loan Schedule: Calculation of the debt service (Principal & Interest) and outstanding balance
-Depreciation: Calculation of the depreciation, according to the Capex for each year.
-Working Capital: Calculation of the working capital requirement by using the collection, payment and duration of inventories assumptions
-Executive Summary: Summary of the main KPIs
-Yearly Financial Statements: Yearly profit and loss account, Balance sheet and cash flow
-Monthly Financial Statements: Monthly profit and loss account, Balance sheet and cash flow
-Valuation: the valuation of the company is calculated based the Free Cash Flows to the Firm

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Further information

To help Investors and owners to assess the value of a bar or restaurant firm.

Indicated for Restaurant investments appraisals

Does not work well for not related restaurant businesses.


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