QuickRows. Excel made easy! (Excel Add-In)
Originally published: 14/01/2019 17:10
Last version published: 15/06/2022 15:50
Publication number: ELQ-64557-11
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QuickRows. Excel made easy! (Excel Add-In)

A multipurpose tool to select rows, totalize tables, link or append sheets and standardize tables inside Excel.

QuickRows improves user mastery and productivity in Excel. Using a simple and friendly interface, you can:- Perform advanced analysis with one click (a copy of the active sheet is created and every column receives a totalization header, as well as a slicer to achieve fast segmentations). The output sheet is an extraordinary canvas to perform advanced data analysis- create totalization tables with one click - clean address tables with no-brainer instructions in seconds - select all desired rows on a table to create a new sheet - fragment sheets- link/merge sheets- consolidate multiple sheets- do column level operations - handle text strings - use instructions similar to regular expressions- do smart text replacements- fragment cells content- extract cells content- normalize spellings, clean texts- do advanced data mining- etc.Think of it as a Swiss army knife. QuickRows will change the way you interact with Excel. It uses a simple and friendly menu with a couple of fields only to receive your parameters.All tasks are achieved in seconds and you get a new sheet with the results. Source data remains safe. A log file records every action, so you can repeat tasks easily.QuickRows is fully configurable and needs no installation. The whole application is included in a single 2MB file. Amazing, isn't it?NOTE. QuickRows works on Excel 2013 and later as an Add-in. It is not suitable for Mac.

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To help any Excel user.

Average Excel user who usually needs to create new sheets from selected rows, to create pivot tables, to consolidate sheets, to extract or clean excel sheets, to link tables or to perform advanced data handling in Excel. Some functions require Excel 2013 or later.

Mac versions of Excel

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