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How To Pitch A Seed Investor

Business Rockstars talks to Eric Rice about pitching your business to a seed investor & how to do it effectively.

Eric Rice is serial entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of TrepScore. He joins Business Rockstars in this video to talk about pitching to seed investors (including friends and family), and why pitching to them is different to pitching regular investors as a more established startup.

The first piece of insight he provides is that seed investors take the most risk. They're the first and potentially only money in the company. It's a very scary thing for an investor to be the first in because there's a possibility you may not raise anymore which means they may as well have just taken a match to their money and lit it up. 92% of companies pivot within the first year. Eric goes on to answer the question, "How do you pitch a seed investor differently to other investors?"

This video will provide you with experienced and actionable tips and insights into pitching seed investors as a startup founder.

Length: 6 minutes 26 seconds

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